Vital Vegas Editorial Guidelines

The following guidelines shape how we produce content at Vital Vegas. It’s our mission to be an essential source of Las Vegas news, and thus we stand committed to serving readers with quality news that matters to them.


We promise to provide readers with the completely biased opinions of one person, Scott Roeben. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of or anyone else, really. There’s a fair amount of rumor and speculation. As with anything on the Internet, take it with a grain of salt. Rumors don’t always come to fruition, we’re here for the conversation. You’ll survive.


Our mission statement is pretty clear. Vital Vegas lives at the intersection of WTF, LOL and YOLO. We share things of interest about gambling, casinos, restaurants and anything else that strikes our fancy. Our goal is to stir things up, say things others can’t or won’t, and to help Las Vegas visitors get the most from their experience.


We put a premium on sharing news that is fun, interesting and occasionally useful. We strive for accuracy, but also love breaking stories before they’re “official,” which means buzz, rumors and chatter are in the mix as well. Things change, and we’re not psychic. If you’re a fan of smartassery, you’re in for a treat.

Editorial Integrity

Our opinions are just that, opinions. You’re free to disagree, all we ask is be civil. Our sources are sometimes anonymous, and we’re good with that. We’ve never revealed a source unless they give us the thumbs up.


Enthusiastic, informed and passionate replies are welcomed. Rudeness and slander aren’t tolerated, but divergent opinions are welcome.


There’s only one contributor to Vital Vegas. His name is Scott Roeben, and while he uses the first person plural, “we,” for humorous effect, it’s one person. His opinions are his own, and he’s got a lot of them.


Vital Vegas knows everyone in Sin City and has an extensive network of contacts in the gaming industry and beyond. The Vital Vegas community is always on the alert for breaking news, juicy rumors and anything else worth sharing. We do our best to confirm news, but we’re mostly here for the conversation. It’s not traditional journalism, so adjust your expectations accordingly.


Vital Vegas produces original content and will always properly credit sources. Plagiarism, fabrication and misappropriation of intellectual property don’t fly.


Errors happen. Feedback is always welcome, especially adulation. Feel free to drop us a line at


All links on Vital Vegas are editorial in nature, and direct readers to relevant pages within our site or elsewhere on the Internet. No internal or external links will misdirect readers to a destination other than indicated.

Special Submissions

Sorry, Vital Vegas does not accept outside contributions.

Social Media

We pretty much say whatever we want on social media, so gird your loins. The language can get colorful, but remember, it’s all about Las Vegas. We agree not to violate the terms of service on any social media platform. Our behavior on social media is unrelated to, so don’t bother whining to them.

Impartiality and Conflicts of Interest

We have no financial relationships, of any kind, with any Las Vegas casino or other business entity. We have never accepted a dollar to promote, advertise or share positive reviews of a casino, restaurant, show or other offerings, and never will. If our visit to a venue is comped (“hosted”), as is common for media outlets, we’ll note it in our story. We don’t pretend to be unbiased, opinions are our bread and butter, but opinions are our own.