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What's the difference between seeing a movie at home and seeing the same movie in 3D in the theater? The home experience makes you smile and the 3D theater experience makes your jaw drop. That's pretty much what the Betsoft online casino experience is like. The casino software provider is known for its cinematic gaming experience and eye-popping reels that make other online slots look pretty ordinary. A lot of online casino companies have taken notice of Betsoft's popularity and have switched over to their platform. We've reviewed the top ones so that you know which sites to choose and which to ignore. To get the best Betsoft games in the perfect internet gaming environment, we would like to recommend Gambino Slots based on the thorough research carried out by our experts.

Remember, Betsoft isn't a casino. It's a casino games maker. So that means you'll find tons of Betsoft online casinos competing for your business. Make no mistake - these Betsoft online casinos aren't necessarily run by the same people. They simply happen to be powered by the same software. A Betsoft online casino only makes our list of recommended sites if they offer fantastic customer service, stellar promotions, and easy banking options. Being licensed and regulated is key, too.

Our Top Recommended Betsoft Casinos

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Betsoft casinos to avoid

Betsoft has some of the most entertaining slots games on the internet but not all casinos that use software from this provider are legitimate. There have been reports of operators changing some of the games. This and other issues have led our team of experts to add some online casinos powered by Betsoft to our list of sites to avoid. Below are the latest casinos to be added to our list:

Betsoft Casinos

There are thousands of online casinos to choose from, but they're all powered by just a handful of software providers. Many online casino software providers pump out games that look pretty similar and play much like what the competition is offering. In fact, in many respects, it's hard to tell one online casino software provider from another. Aside from a few name changes and varying color schemes, a mermaid-themed slot machine by one provider feels exactly the same as a competing game from another provider. But Betsoft online casino is different. The casino software provider is famous for its 3D slots series called SLOTS3.

When the company boasts that their Betsoft online casino software is unlike anything else on the market, they aren't overpromising. Each Betsoft slot machine has a very realistic cinematic quality to it, almost like you're watching a Disney Pixar or Dreamworks film. While playing one of Betsoft's slots games doesn't require 3D glasses, it definitely feels 3-dimensional thanks to fantastic animation and fast gameplay. Their games feature an attention to detail and quality that you won't find elsewhere.

The software is speedy and the gameplay is smooth, however because of the cinematic, 3D-like experience, the Betsoft online casino experience might feel a bit sluggish on older PCs with slower Internet connections.

Betsoft Casino Top Choices

The Betsoft online casino software is as extensive as the competition, with over 150 casino games including SLOTS3 and table games. However, while the casino software provider does offer a 3D-like poker experience, their table games tend to be a little more 2-dimensional, something fans of the SLOTS3 series need to get used to. We're hoping to see more consistency from the Betsoft online casino software team in the future.

Still, it's the slots that make a difference to casino players who are after big jackpots. That's why Betsoft has seen more growth in the online casino space than any other online casino software provider.

And more growth means that more online casinos are hitting the market with Betsoft online casino software powering their backend and attracting new players. As a result, it can get pretty confusing. When you see a bunch of online casinos offering the same games, you might assume that they're honest, fair, and reputable. After all, a casino featuring games as high-end as Betsoft's surely means serious business, right?

Well, that isn't always the case. Betsoft, like other online casino software companies, does their best to only license their product to reputable sites. But the reality is several online casinos slip through the cracks. And that means you could be playing at a Betsoft online casino run by a fly-by-night company.

That's why we recommend playing at Betsoft casinos that have been tested by our team. We make sure every online casino we recommend is safe, secure, and honest. We review every inch of the site, checking and doubling checking to make sure the promotions are the best, the security is watertight, the payouts arrive quickly, the gameplay is fair, the payouts are high, and so much more.

By choosing from our list of Betsoft online casinos, you know you're choosing a site that doesn't just look great, but one that treats you great, too.

Betsoft FAQ

Who are Betsoft?

Betsoft are a legendary games company who provide out of this world casino platforms and games. They are famous for producing incredible, cinematic graphics for their games and services: a powerhouse of online gaming. Casinos around the globe jostle to use their games, as, let's face it, they make anyone look good. However, don't be deceived - not all casinos that use Betsoft are created equal. We handpick the best from our reviewers' favorites.

What games are they responsible for?

They have a whole range of games - and each one is more gorgeous than the next. From their stunning Slot3 games - Slots that offer 3D definition without the need for 3D glasses - to their American Blackjack and European Roulette - Betsoft know how to make gamblers happy.

Which ones are popular?

Their Slots3 games are their most popular. Slots gaming is a hugely popular pastime anyway, without the added appeal of feeling like you are immersed in a Willy Wonker film - with candy glow graphics and sumptuous storylines you can really sink your teeth into. Like most other Slots, the music leaves a little to be desired - but the sound effects more than make up for it. Try FrankenSlots Monster, The Tipsy Tourist or A Christmas Carol for your first Slots3 experience, even if it's not Christmas. For classic Slots you are probably already familiar with the popular Royal Reels, Pharaoh King or Aztech Treasure. If not - why not give them a chance!

Where can I play them online?

You can play them online in a registered and moderated Betsoft casino. So, remember that while a casino may be using Betsoft games - that doesn't automatically mean it's any good. We've listened to our readers' favorite places to play Betsoft games and have hand selected the best of the bunch. That means top quality customer service, trustworthy and safe casino operations, the seal of approval from the relevant authorities, as well as offering a wide range of payment options. So, you can cut out the middle man and head straight over to our user's top rated casinos, or you can use the information provided on this page to hunt for your own Betsoft casino.

How can I win?

With casino gambling, there's never a guarantee to win - that's what makes it so much fun! Be suspicious of anyone who tells you there's a surefire way to beat the casino. Most likely they've discovered a surefire way to go laughing all the way to the bank - with your money! However, there are steps that you can take to ensure that you are at least not losing more often than you should. You can only ever bring your best game to the casino - and then let Lady Luck do the rest.

Follow good bankroll and gambling strategy, head over to our guides section to find out more about this. Keep a cool and sober head while gambling, and don't let your superstitions run away with you! Most of all, make sure that you are gaming in a fully regulated casino that offers you top bonuses - otherwise you could just be flushing your cash down the drain.

How do they compare to other software providers?

Betsoft are quite similar to NetEnt in terms of cinematic graphics and gaming storylines. While NetEnt may be a little more established in the gambling scene, Betsoft, while newer, are not far behind.

Are they trusted?

The company are well trusted in the gambling community and the regulatory boards.

The games are safe to play and are continually tested not only by ourselves, but by the moderation boards who have given them their stamp of approval.

Are the games rigged?

The games are safe to play and are continually tested not only by ourselves, but by the moderation boards who have given them their stamp of approval.