Editorial Guidelines

All content featured on our site is created with our mission at the forefront.

Our Mission is to help players win more by providing you with:



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Editorial standards and guidelines dictate how we write information, advice and reviews at

What are they for?

We follow these guidelines to ensure everything we inform you about will make you a better player. Whether it covers a casino, game, software provider, strategy, banking method, how-to-play guide, bonus or anything else - all content we write is dedicated to helping you.

We want you, the players, to feel empowered to make your own decisions about where and how you are gambling. Any new or updated content onsite stems from user feedback, current industry trends, research, changes in legislation, visitor and audience statistics, among other factors.

The guidelines ensure that content standards are high and that our editorial process has no commercial influence. The editorial stance of everything we do will always remain independent from the company's commercial objectives. In the same vein, you won't see any popups or ad sidebars either. We don't accept third party advertising onsite. In this way, we can assure you that our content has no interference from any external businesses.

Where did the guidelines come from?

The Editorial Code was peer-written among our staff. Our Editor-in-Chief oversees editorial strategies and standards, as well as editorial decisions made across's main site. Our news site is however independently governed by its team of journalists. They do not report to any other team in the company.

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If you have any further questions about our editorial or site policies, you can contact us.

Our Editorial Team

We only employ experts. Our team includes talented researchers and knowledgeable individuals in their respective disciplines. They have experience in the gaming industry and want fellow players to benefit from the content they write.

Our Editor-in-Chief, heads of departments and experts may comment publicly about their expertise, as well as services available at, if asked. Comments will always remain consistent with our company Mission and Principles.

You can read more about the team here.

Our Editorial Code

1. We Provide Impartial Advice

Our team has no relationship with any casino or online betting service it reviews. On the rare occasion that any conflicts of interest arise, they must immediately be reported to the Editor-in-Chief. This ensures that we are always writing reviews objectively.

This also goes for writing unbiased information for guidance or advice, as an individual can of course have certain game or banking preferences. We want you to have completely impartial information, to make an informed decision for yourself.

2. We Ensure Accuracy

Our reviews, game guides and information are backed by data-driven research. Our facts must be accurate. Any analysis must represent the best independent judgment of our experts. Our content must be driven by data and accurate facts at the core.

In order to recommend a casino, game or service to our users, several members of staff must be involved in the process. Being accurate and carrying out such in-depth research is consistent with our mission of putting players first.

3. We Make Information Clear

At, we make our content free and available to as many countries as possible. We seek to inform people interested in the gaming industry across the world.

In terms of the editorial code, this also means all content must be relevant, timely and understandable to be useful to every player. Communicating complex information, in a way that is helpful to you, is of upmost importance. Content must be written, peer-reviewed, and presented in a crystal-clear way. If you come across any missing, conflicting or confusing content, please get in touch so our team can provide clarification.

4. We Disclose Our Sources

Aside from our experts' years of knowledge and experience, the content we provide at must be sourced from facts from reputable places. This can include press releases, social media activity, industry trade publications, mainstream news, and direct contacts. Many of our pages have links to external sources where you can review our references. If any information has been pulled from elsewhere on the web or any other medium, it must be credited onsite.

5. We Review & Correct Errors

Despite all our research and experience, errors can happen. As part of our editorial code, the team agree that reported errors will be reviewed and corrected wherever necessary. If there are any mistakes in our information, or if the writing appears to have an element of subjectivity, will work quickly to fix it. If you notice an error, please don't hesitate to contact us.