Best online sports betting sites in South Africa 2023

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South Africa is a nation that adores its sport. Rugby union, cricket and football all have massive, devoted followings in the rainbow nation. As a result, millions of South Africans also love sport betting as a great way to get even closer to their favourite action. But what is the best website for sports betting? We’ve compared the sportsbooks that operate in the country and offer online sports betting to identify the ones we believe you should be using.

The 10 best South African betting sites

#1 Top Rated Sportsbook
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Payout 1-3 days
Win Rate 97.48%
Deposit options include
  • Trusted, respected site
  • Sports and event betting
  • Mobile betting
  • Great special offers
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Payout 2 days
Win Rate 97.56%
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    Payout 2-3 days
    Win Rate 98.54%
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      Payout 2-3 days
      Win Rate 97.89%
      za flag
      Payout 2-3 days
      Win Rate 96.73%
      za flag
      Payout 3 days
      Win Rate 97.56%
      za flag
      Payout 3 days
      Win Rate 98.34%

      Sports betting sites to avoid

      There are many great sportsbooks to choose from when you want to enjoy online sports betting in South Africa. Sadly, there are some less trustworthy operators who have earned a bad reputation by treating bettors poorly. We recommend you steer clear of these and focus instead on the sports betting sites we’ve identified as the most respectable in South Africa.

      Advantages of online betting

      Sport betting online has grown so rapidly in recent years that it’s hard to remember a time when it wasn’t an option. With a host of online bookmakers to choose from, there are so many reasons why online sports betting is just great.

      • Convenience. You don’t have to go to a licensed betting shop or a racetrack to bet. You don’t even have to leave your chair.
      • Flexibility. As long as you have a signal, and money in your account, you can have a bet on your desktop or mobile device wherever you are.
      • Choice. The best sports betting websites will have thousands of events and markets in dozens of sports for you to choose from and wager on.
      • Offers. Online bookmakers want you to sign up with them, so there are plenty of welcome bonuses available such as free bets and matched deposits.
      • In-play. Even when the action is under way, thanks to digital technology you’re still able to bet on races and matches on websites and apps.

      Online betting explained: How odds work

      The best way to explain odds is that they are an expression of the probability of a particular outcome happening. They also show you how much you will win if you make a successful selection. There are three ways in which online sport betting sites display those odds. Depending on where you are in the world, they will be in one of these formats. They’re all easy to pick up quickly - and the best sports betting websites allow you to switch from one to another.

      What are decimal odds?

      Decimal odds are popular with sports betting sites in South Africa, Europe and Australasia and are probably the easiest odds format to understand. Simply multiply your stake by the figure presented to see what you will win if your bet is successful. This means that, for instance, if you stake R1 on a rugby team to win at 3.0, your return will be R3. Please note that the odds in this format includes your stake.

        Odds Decimal

        What are fractional odds?

        Fractional odds are typically used by sports betting sites in the UK and Ireland and are a traditional way of showing the price of a contender in an event - and how much you’ll win if you bet on them. The number to the right of the slash equates to your stake, while the number to the left shows how much you should multiply that by to work out your return. So if a horse is at 8/1, for every R1 you stake you will get back R8 - plus your stake.

          Odds Fractional

          What are moneyline odds?

          Moneyline odds are also known as American odds, because they are the choice of sports betting sites and bettors in the USA and Canada. The figure to keep in mind here is $100. An outsider will have a plus sign before its odds and the amount displayed is the figure you will win for a $100 bet - as well as your stake return. A favourite, meanwhile, will have a minus sign before its odds and the amount shown is how much you have to place to win $100.

            odds-moneyline EN

            Odds Calculator

            Odds format






            Implied Probability



            Types of sports betting: Markets and bets explained

            The best websites for sports betting offer you a broad selection of ways in which you can enjoy a wager on your favourite sports. There’s a great variety of markets on offer - and there are also several different types of bet you can use when you want to get closer to the action.

            Bet types

            Single bet

            This is the most uncomplicated bet you can place when you are taking part in online sports betting. Simply decide which person or team you think will win a match or event, or which horse will win a race. Then decide how much you want to stake. If you call it correctly, you will collect a winning return for your bet. It really is as straightforward as that.



            This is one of the easiest markets to understand when you want to enjoy some sport betting online. You will see a list of odds about all the contenders in a field - such as a horse race or a golf tournament - and you simply have to select which one you think will win. If the field is particularly large, you may wish to place an each-way bet - check out how many places will be covered by this option.

            How to calculate your winnings from a wager

            The more time you devote to sport betting online, the quicker you will become at working out what your winnings from a bet will be. This simple guide will take you through the method for calculating the return from a single bet - and we’ll show you how a double works too.

            Single wager

            Let’s assume you stake R10 on a single win bet at odds of 3.0. That means, for every R1 you put down, you win R3. So in this instance, your return will be ten times the winnings for a R1 bet - which means you will collect R30.

              Single wager

              Double Wager

              Now let’s add a second selection into the equation, which has odds of 4.0. First you calculate the return from your first bet of R10 at odds of 3.0, which is R30. That sum is now rolled over on to your second selection. If you multiply your R30 stake by the odds of 4.0, you arrive at a total return for your double of R120.

                Double Wager

                What sports can I bet on?

                Online betting sites in South Africa carry odds on many sports, especially the following:

                • Soccer
                • Tennis
                • Rugby Union
                • Horse Racing
                • Cricket
                • Golf
                • Basketball
                • Boxing
                • UFC
                • Esports

                Sports betting tips

                Sport betting is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable activity, bringing excitement to your spare time. There are a few simple guidelines you can follow to make sure you get the best out of betting on sport

                • Do your homework

                  Stick to the sports you know most about and research your bets. The more time you put into studying the form and finding out as much as you can about the contenders in any event, the better your results will be. And let’s face it, everybody enjoys being a winner.

                • Only bet what you can afford

                  Decide on an amount you can safely afford to lose each week or month, and stick to it. That way, if you do lose it won’t hurt - and if you win it will feel like a bonus. If you do have a run of losing bets, don’t chase your losses by raising your stakes to get them back. That doesn’t work.

                • Shop around

                  You don’t have to do all your online sports betting with the same betting site. Look around to see where the most compelling offers are, and which operators are offering the best odds on a particular market or event

                • Step away

                  If you find you aren’t enjoying your experience of betting, it’s perfectly OK to take a break and not have a bet at all until you feel ready to resume life as a bettor. If you feel you have a problem with gambling, there are bodies like the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation who can help you.

                Best sports to bet on in Africa

                As well as all the great events taking place around the world, there is plenty of action in Africa that is entertaining to watch and that makes sport betting online fun. You can find top-quality rugby union, cricket, soccer, horse racing, golf and a host of other events across the continent.

                Mobile betting

                Mobile Gambling

                We live in the digital age, and online betting sites have worked hard to stay at the cutting edge of trends driven by new technology. That’s why most modern sportsbooks now have excellent mobile apps that make it possible for you to keep up with the sports betting action wherever you are. Whether you have an iPhone, an Android device or a tablet, you can enjoy the benefits and flexibility of mobile betting either by downloading apps or visiting sports betting sites in-browser.

                South African online betting facts

                South Africa is a nation with a deep love for sport - so, naturally, there is an appetite for betting on it. Here are some facts you may not know about online sports betting in South Africa.


                13 billion

                As of 2020, it is estimated that South Africans spend around 13 billion UDS a year at betting venues.


                34 billion

                The Gross Gambling Revenues of all betting activities in South Africa was on target to grow from R26billion in 2015 to over R34billion in 2020.


                Four World Cups?

                If you believe South Africa can win the Rugby World Cup for an amazing fourth time at the next tournament in 2023, you can back them already at odds of up to 7.0


                One in 10

                It is estimated that one in 10 South Africans bet regularly. Nearly three quarters of the annual gambling turnover is at casinos, with sports betting in second place.

                How our team reviews the best betting sites

                We take the task of reviewing the best betting sites very seriously. Our team of experts put in plenty of hours to help you find the top places to enjoy online sport betting - and there are plenty of factors we take into account.

                Sports, markets and bet Types

                The best websites for sports betting offer customers a tremendous amount of choice. You will find a range of sports to choose from, numerous markets on the events and a rich variety of bets you can place on the sporting action.


                Bonuses & promotions

                We think sports betting sites should work hard to gain your loyalty - and one of the best ways to do this is to offer genuinely attractive and valuable welcome bonuses, free bets and regular promotions for new and existing customers.


                Banking options

                This is important. Do you have a choice of methods when you want to make a deposit into your betting account? We also find out how easy and quick it is to get your money out when you decide to make a withdrawal from your account.


                Security & customer support

                This is even more important. When you take part in online sports betting, you want to do so safe in the knowledge that your money and your personal data are safe from criminals. You also want to be sure there is support on hand to help if you have a query or issue.

                Background and Safety Check

                Competitive odds and additional features

                The top online bookmakers add value to your user experience by having the most competitive odds on offer. This is essential in an age when people can shop around to find the best odds. Similarly, extra features such as form guides and expert blogs can enhance your online betting experience.


                Mobile betting

                Most modern bettors want the convenience of being able to assess a market and place a bet online wherever they are. It’s essential that sportsbooks offer an app that works well and gives people a great user experience when they’re looking to enjoy a wager on the go.



                As you can see, there are a host of factors that go into assessing the best online betting sites in South Africa. At the heart of all our research, though, is the thought that the focus must be on providing a great experience for sports betting customers.

                4.2 /5

                Tax on sports betting in South Africa

                There is, effectively, no tax on sports betting in South Africa. The South African Revenue Service does not tax gamblers who bet purely for entertainment - which is the overwhelming majority of people who enjoy online sports betting. However, if you are an organised and successful betting operation, and your profits from gambling could be considered a regular source of income, SARS will be on your trail for a percentage. The legal position is that if you bet and win regularly, it’s your profession rather than a leisure activity.

                Best South African sports betting sites 2023

                Rank Sportbook Bonus Offer Payout Speed Bet Online
                1-3 days
                R 1,000
                2 days
                2-3 days
                2-3 days
                2-3 days
                15% Deposit Boost
                3 days
                3 days

                Live streaming

                Once you’ve placed a wager at a sports betting site, ideally you want to see how your selection gets on. The good news is that some online betting sites in South Africa offer live streaming so you can watch live pictures of the event in question. Check out your chosen betting site to see which events are available for live streaming - you will usually need to have a bet to qualify to watch.

                Check out the #1 online sports betting site in South Africa

                za flag
                Payout 1-3 days
                Win Rate 97.48%

                Online betting FAQ

                Do I pay taxes on sports betting?

                No, provided you are betting purely for your own entertainment. However, the South African tax authorities would come after you if betting becomes your livelihood and main source of income.

                Which betting sites give bonuses?

                All good sportsbooks these days offer bonuses. These are often targeted at new customers to encourage them to sign up - but existing clients can be in line for special offers and promotions too.

                Is it safe to bet online?

                Yes it is - provided you join the right sportsbook. The security of customers’ money and personal data should be absolutely top priority for all bookmakers. This is one of the most important criteria by which we judge which are the best sports betting websites.

                What is a sportsbook bet?

                A wager on an event on which a sportsbook is offering markets and prices. This can take many forms - win, each-way, over/under, accumulator - and on a wide variety of markets and events.

                Do African bettors pay tax on sports bet winnings?

                No, as long as you are only betting for your own enjoyment as a leisure activity. If you bet on a regular basis and make a significant profit, the South African tax authorities might decide that you are making a living from betting – and tax you accordingly.

                What to look for when choosing a bookmaker?

                Security, bonuses and betting markets are chief among the many criteria for deciding which is the right online betting site for you. Always choose a licensed operator with a good reputation. You should also look for an excellent user experience on its website or app, plus a wide variety of betting markets and events on offer. See our list of the 10 best South African betting sites at the top of this page for your best options.

                Will betting sites work on a smartphone?

                Yes, they will. Most sportsbooks now have their own mobile app, and they invest considerable time and money to make sure the sport betting experience for people who bet through their device is good. You should find an app that works for you so that you can bet wherever you have a signal.

                Which betting sites give bonuses on registration?

                Most betting sites do. Shop around to find the right welcome bonus for you. This can be in the form of a free bet, a matched or enhanced deposit or another promotion that makes the sportsbook in question attractive to you.

                What sports can I bet on?

                Almost all major sports. Most online betting sites offer a wide variety of the best sporting action to be found in across the globe. The most popular sports with bettors in South Africa are rugby union, cricket and soccer, reflecting the appetite of the people of the nation for watching them with passion and dedication.


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