Best Progressive Jackpots & Slots for July 2023

Here you can find all the largest progressive jackpot slots. These jackpots show the average payout values over a period of time and allow you to join a game when the action is hot. Check out our list below of the best jackpot games for the US.

Mega Moolah
By combining the game’s average jackpot win and the average time of the jackpot paying out, we calculate how hot the jackpot is, which gives you a better chance to win big!
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Play Mega Moolah and win big!

Average Jackpot $8,147,443
Last Hit 365 days ago

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Great Blue Jackpot Shark
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What is a Progressive Jackpot?

The term ‘jackpot’ refers to a large prize which can be won in a slots game. A progressive jackpot is one that gets bigger each time the game is played, and while no one wins the jackpot. The prize will continue to increase until one lucky winner gets the pot. After that, the progressive jackpot resets to a predetermined value and the whole thing starts over again.

About Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are by far one of the most popular casino games. Why? Because you can win millions without spending a fortune.

The most popular jackpot games online are available at dozens of casinos across the globe. Not only is it easy to enjoy these incredible games anywhere, but you also have your pick of great casinos to play at.

Of course, even the most colossal progressive jackpots don’t grow forever. Eventually, one lucky player manages to win big, and it could be you! If you need a little inspiration to get started, you can browse our list of the largest progressive slot jackpots, or have a look at the biggest jackpot wins of all time.

Below you can see combined progressive jackpot stats for all the jackpots we’re currently tracking.


Thousands of players from around the world can play the same progressive jackpot slot and contribute to the prize pool at the same time. Take a look at our jackpot tracker above and watch the prizes skyrocket right before your eyes.

Tips to Win Progressive Slot Machines

The outcome of a progressive jackpot slot is determined by a Random Number Generator so unfortunately, there is no secret strategy that will increase the odds of winning. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on the prize pots for different slots and avoiding those that have been won recently. We’ve also gathered our expert’s top five tips on how to play progressive slots.

The odds of winning a progressive jackpot

The chance of winning the jackpot depends on which slot you’re playing. To calculate the odds of winning, you will have to look at how many reels the slot game has and how many symbols are on each reel. You will also need to take into account how the progressive jackpot is triggered.

Keep in mind that all progressive slot games rely on a random number generator, but by calculating these three things, you could get an understanding of the odds of winning the jackpot.

How are progressive jackpots paid?

While many large jackpots are paid in annual instalments, spread out over a decade or more, some prizes including Microgaming’s Mega Moolah jackpot will be paid promptly in one lump sum.

If you happen to win a smaller sum, you can expect your winnings to be credited to your casino account instantly. Yet progressive jackpot winners who secure a record-shattering prize are more likely to be paid by courier, bank transfer, or in person within a matter of days. Don’t be surprised if the casino asks you to pose with a novelty-sized check.

The Biggest Jackpot Wins of All Time

When you play a progressive jackpot slot online, the aim is to hit that big jackpot win. There have been several of these over the years. Below you can see the biggest jackpot wins of all time and some fun facts.

  • The top-paying progressive jackpot is Mega Moolah
  • There was a slot machine in Las Vegas that didn’t hit for over 20 years
  • Mega Moolah is often referred to as the “Million Maker”
  • One of the biggest winners played on mobile when he won the jackpot
Game Biggest Win Casino When Features
1. Mega Moolah
Grand Mondial
28 September 2018
4 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
2. Mega Moolah
Zodiac Casino
30 January 2019
4 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
3. Mega Fortune
Paf Casino
20 January 2013
Wild & scatter features, Wheel of Fortune bonus round, up to x5 multiplier
4. Mega Moolah
Jackpot City Casino
5 April 2020
4 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
5. Mega Moolah
Luxury Casino
8 May 2020
4 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
6. Mega Moolah
6 October 2015
4 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds
7. Mega Moolah
Luxury Casino
5 March 2019
4 different progressive jackpots, wild & scatter features, free spins/bonus rounds

Different types of Jackpots

When you play at real money casinos you might come across four different types of jackpots. Each of these types will help determine the size and frequency of the jackpot payout as well as which players contribute to the prize pot.

Each time a player bets on a progressive jackpot slot, a small portion of that bet goes directly to the prize pot. There can also be different games which contribute to the same prize pot, to make the jackpot rise quickly.

Progressive Jackpot FAQs

What are progressive slots?

Progressive slots are like normal slot games but with one massive difference, there's a huge jackpot up for grabs. You can win millions on one spin of the reels and it's this giant jackpot potential that makes progressive slots such a hit with players at both land-based and online casinos.

How do progressive jackpots work?

All progressive jackpot slots work in a similar way to one another. Every time any player clicks ‘spin', a percentage of their stake goes into the jackpot pool. The progressive jackpot carries on growing, getting bigger and bigger, until one lucky player wins it.

How you actually win the jackpot can vary from game to game but most slots have a special Jackpot Bonus Game where your progressive jackpot win will be revealed.

How do you play a slot machine?

Playing progressive slots is identical to playing normal, non-jackpot slots. All you have to do is select how many lines you want to bet on, what your bet will be and then spin the reels.

Jackpot Bonus Games also work like most other bonus games and you will usually have to spin a wheel or ‘click and pick' to see what you've won.

Are they better than standard slot games?

If you're looking to win big, then yes. Standard slots have the potential to payout tens of thousands of pounds in winnings but progressive jackpot slots regularly pay out over £5 million.

Progressive slots offer you the chance to win a life-changing amount of cash in a matter of seconds, whereas a standard slot only gives you the chance to win a maximum prize of up to 100,000x your bet.

What are the odds like?

The odds of winning on a progressive slot are pretty much the same as the odds of winning the lottery but the big difference is that you have way more chances to hit a progressive slot jackpot.

That's because of the amount of spins you can take during a gaming session. Unlike the lottery where you buy a ticket (or maybe 10 if you're really serious), in a progressive slot you can fit hundreds of spins into an hour and that means hundreds of unique opportunities to pocket a fortune.

Which games are better or more popular?

Without a doubt, the most popular online progressive slot game is Mega Moolah. The slot is made by the Microgaming software company and offers the largest jackpot in the world.

Microgaming and NetEnt software have a whole host of different jackpot slots and they're all well-known for paying out record breaking amounts of cash. If you look at the list of the biggest jackpot payouts above, you'll notice that all of them are produced by either NetEnt or Microgaming.

What are the biggest jackpots?

The Mega Moolah progressive slot has four jackpots attached to it and the biggest one, the Mega jackpot, is the largest and has previously grown to over £13 million.

The Mega Fortune jackpot slot has 3 progressive jackpots. The largest one has previously climbed as high as €17.8 million.

The Arabian Nights progressive slot from NetEnt has also be known to payout more than €8 million.

How often do progressive jackpots hit?

It depends on the game. Some hit as frequently as weekly, while others could be less than once a year. Check our jackpot tracker at the top of the page to see how often the average hit is and whether a game is hot or cold.

How do I win at slot machines?

There is no magic formula for winning a progressive slot jackpot, all you need is luck and determination.

Whenever you play any kind of slot game there is no guarantee of winning but with a progressive slot, when the win comes it could be really huge. Remember that the more spins you take, the more chances you'll have to scoop those millions for yourself!

Are there free progressive slots?

Yes, but you won’t win any real money - the reward will likely be coins for further play. Still, free slots are a great way to try a game out before committing to it and betting your own hard-earned cash. Visit our free slots page to find the best games for you.